FINALLY, we have a product that Dialysis Patients have been eagerly waiting on. A solution to one of their biggest complaints - Super Dry and Ichy Skin. Randy McGhee's Dialysis + Care Lotion is an Extra Thick, Moisturizing and Therapeutic Lotion. Randy McGhee's Dialysis + Care Lotion is the only lotion on the market that specifically targets Dialysis Patients. Randy McGhee's Dialysis + Care Lotion was designed to offer Dialysis Patients Super Dry Skin Relief.

As any Dialysis Patient can attest to the Dialysis Process removes all the toxics from your blood stream, but it also removes other things as well. It removes such things as Nutrients, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Electrolites, Essential Minerals and Moisture. As a result of this process Dialysis Patients have had to suffer with dry and cracked skinned. Other lotions on the market quickly evaporate from normal rubbing in the skin. After years of consulting different doctors and chemists about how the skins function and how it absorbs fluids. Randy McGhee's Dialysis + Care Lotion has been formulated to easily and quickly absorb through the skin without clogging up the pores and evaporating so quickly. Randy McGhee's Dialysis + Care Lotion is very thick and full of Emalants, Moisturizers, Vitamin E and Vitamin D. Everytime you rub this lotion over the skin it creates layers, that will absorb through your pores and stay without clogging. Above all it helps repair the Super Dry and Cracked Skin you get from Dialysis Process.